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Systems Integration

Each system integration is custom for the application in which it is used. All systems integrations include full systems with heat exchangers for heating and cooling fluids including the exchangers, all piping, the pumps, and full controls.


  • + Heat transfer systems utilizing special heat transfer fluids
    • - R404A
    • - NH3
    • - Dowtherm fluids
    • - Lexsol fluids
    • - Silicone based fluids
    • - Hydraulic fluids
    • - D'limonene
    • - Acetone
    • - Freons
    • - Lethal substances
  • + High purity CO2 condensing systems
  • + Sub-coolers for oxygen, helium, argon
  • + Fully integrated pumping systems for high pressure nitrogen, oxygen, argon, natural gas, liquid air, helium and hydrogen systems